See no evil, hear no evil.

Navigate your your way through treacherous mazes in pitch black with nothing but sonar at your disposal.

This game was made for the 3rd Bevy Jam. The source code is available on GitHub.


secretpocketcat - idea, game design, code
tasgon - procgen, game design 
adsick - SFX, music


ranos_v0.1.1_macOS.dmg 22 MB
Download 12 MB


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You almost gave me a heart attack. This game is super scary.

Sorry... but also thank you.

Woah, super cool idea! Love the design and the gameplay! Can imagine it'd be a successful puzzle game if you continue to expand on the idea!

Thank you. I think it's a neat idea (not biased at all), but I don't think it could headline a bigger release as the main mechanic.