Play tennis to push your opponent away, which gives them an advantage however.

The intended way was to end the game if the net reaches the dashed line (which is a 3 game difference with mostly regular tennis rules) or the first to win 10 games in total.

Controls (gamepad recommended):


Move  - DPad or left analog stick
Aim - right analog stick or by moving which can be combined with L1 to stop moving.
Charge and shoot - L2 or all face buttons
Dash - R1 or R2
Switch color palette - Select


Move - WASD and Arrows
Aim - by moving
Charge and shoot - J & Num+
Dash - Space & Num0
Switch color palette - P

The used palettes are these (slightly modified) ones:

The font used is this one


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Feels very polished!

Thank you :)